The bouzouki legend Thanasis Polykandriotis
travels with Louis Cruises!


Louis Cruises, within the framework of this year’s special themed events and always aiming to promote the history of Greek music, has the honor to feature one of the world’s best bouzouki players and composers, Thanasis Polykandriotis

The bouzouki legend, together with his team, consisting of 5 musicians and 4 dancers, will take Louis Cruises passengers on a musical journey accross the Aegean, by performing popular and authentically Greek folk songs, such as “Fragkosyriani” by Markos Vamvakaris, “Chartaetoi” by Mikis Theodorakis, and many others.

A total of 6 unique concerts will be given, starting from August 4th onboard Louis Olympia. Then, the passengers of Louis Cristal will have the pleasure to enjoy the renowned musician during the thematic cruises named “Idyllic Aegean” on the 8th and the 25th of August. On September 5th, Thanasis Polykandriotis will be onboard Louis Cristal, and then Louis Olympia on September 19th and October 19th.

Moreover, Thanasis Polykandriotis together with the famous musicologist from Panteion University, Dr. Dimitris Stathakopoulos, will conduct on September 5th, during the 7-day “Iconic Aegean” cruise  onboard Louis Cristal, an interactive music seminar on the “History of Greek Music”. All passengers will have the rare opportunity to get to know the history and secrets of the musical instruments used in traditional Greek music, such as bouzouki, tzouras and baglama.

This year, Louis Cruises, committed to providing the best possible services and entertainment programs onboard its cruisers, organizes a series of 62 special themed events, addressing all audiences, interests and age groups, so that all passengers can get to know the company’s unique destinations, as well as to live and hear their history, through music, archaeology, gastronomy, local traditions, and customs.

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